Two Drop Zones: Zagreb, and Hvar!

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We let you experience flight in its most basic form and turn your dreams into reality!

Do you want to make a step into emptiness, instead jump into the water, fully aware of the fact that the distance from you and the ground is about few thousands meters?

Everyone who wants skydiving experience without any previous training, knowledge or medical checking, skydiving tandem is the ideal solution. You will skydive tied to your authorized and skilled instructor and from first hand you will experience all skydiving excitements and attractions!

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Do your tandem jump!

We offer two locations; the beautiful island of Hvar or the Capital of Croatia, Zagreb.

There is no better way to experience a once in a lifetime adventure, such as skydiving, than with a unforgettable view of the Adriatic sea and the beautiful Dalmatian islands, or Zagreb, the Capital of Croatia from an altitude of 3500 meters. You can experience skydiving in a lot of places, but only we offer jumps above the most beutiful places in Europe!

Our instructors will guide you through a short, simple breafing and allow you to experience the most unforgettable moments of your life!


Video and pictures of your tandem jump

We highly recommend you record your moments of freefall and canopy flight. That way you can re-live the experience and show everybody the amazing view you got to experience in reality.

Your first tandem jump is a once in a lifetime event! Choose a package that suits you best.



Join us! We strive and succeed in creating the best possible atmosphere you will find at any dropzone! We offer fun jumps from 3500 meters. Our instructors are available for coaching in various disciplines including FF, FS, RW, classic disciplines and many more.

Skydive Zagreb is available to both experienced and student skydivers. Due to the specific constraints of Skydive Hvar, only "B" licences and higher are accepted.


Learn to skydive!

Begin a new adventure and experience freefall for yourself! We are proud to offer the best and most complete school of skydiving in Croatia. Our instructors are amongst the best and most experienced skydivers in Croatia and they constantly perfect their knowledge and skill set in order to provide you with the best possible guidance.

Our program is approved by the CCAA (Croatian Civil Aviaiton Agency) and is carried out in accordance with Croatian rules and regulations. In two-weeks time you can complete the basic training and satisfy all of the neccessary requirements for a parachuting license in approximately four weeks.