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Tandem skydiving is an activity suitable for the vast majority of people, and there are almost no limitations. However, there are some conditions and exemptions that are good to know before you jump

If you cancel your jump with more than 96 hours notice you will recieve a full refund of your deposit. Within 48- 96 hours a 50% refund. With less than 48 hours notice we regret, we are unable to offer a refund.   

Skydiving is 
an activity dependent on weather conditions. Your safety is our top priority. If we cannot perform your tandem skydive because of technical reasons we will refund your deposit. If we have to prolongue or delay your tandem jump due weather conditions we give you the anther free slotIf another slot is the same day as the original slot and is not accepted by customer we do not return deposit.

You do 
not need to pass a medical exam, and there is no maximum age limit. Any adult or minor with a minimum age of 14 can be a tandem jumper. Minors must have the obtain the signed consent of a parent or guardian, and can jump only in their presence.
Jumping is not recommended for pregnant women, or if you have a serious spine, joint, back or similar injury.

A skydiver may not jump if he has consumed alcohol or drugs in the past 12 hours. 

All tandem jumpers must
 sign a statement of consent.

 scubadiving, a minimum of 24 hours must pass before skydiving. If you’ve been diving using oxygen tanks, you must wait at least 24 hours in order to jump.

Put aside at 
least 4 hours for your skydiving experience. If all conditions are met, you will spend a minimum of 2 hours for a jump.

Individuals with psychological problems cannot jump.

When you arrive to the airport please wear comfortable clothes and sport shoes.

We have full rights to deny a jump to anyone at anytime.

Keep in touch with us, especially on the day of your scheduled jump, and follow our advice by phone or email in case of any updates.

The video package is finished 40 minutes after tandem jump.

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