frequently asked questions

We are sure you have some question regarding your first tandem jump, so let’s dive in: 

About jumping tadenm

What should I wear for my tandem skydiving jump?

We’ll provide you with an appropriate skydiving suit (jumpsuit). All you need to wear is comfortable clothing (a tracksuit or a t-shirt is enough for the Summer). In case it is cold, it is better to wear several thin layers than, for example, a ski jacket. Don’t forget to wear gloves if it is cold!
Footwear: sneakers or sports sandals are the best (shoes that can be tied). Avoid high heels!

Do I have to pass a medical exam for skydiving?

No, our short training before your tandem jump are enough to get you on the plane.

What if I'm afraid of heights?

Many people are hesitant because of their fear of heights. It’s different than looking down from a ladder, building or bridge. We’re literally too high to have a perception of height. Even you can do a tandem jump out of an airplane!

Is tandem skydiving safe?

Using high quality gear and a tandem instructor with many years of experience, we’ve lowered the risks to a minimum. Tandem instructors are primarily focused on your safety for the duration of the jump.
A tandem skydive from a plane is the safest way to experience free fall and parachuting.

What about my glasses or contact lenses?

They’re no problem, you can wear them on your tandem jump. You’ll receieve appropriate goggles (regardless of whether you wear glasses or not) which will let you experience a regular tandem skydiving jump.

What if I experience motion sickness?

People who experience motion sickness during driving should take a motion sickness pill before going on a tandem parachute jump.

Can you breathe during freefall?

Of course you can. People who say they couldn’t breathe in freefall experienced problems from their excitement and adrenaline rush.

How much time should i set aside for my tandem parachute jump?

You can count on needing around 2 hours. Sometimes it can be one hour of your time. However, since we don’t work on a conveyor belt, sometimes we can get behind schedule because of various things which can easily set us back an hour. In any case, count on spending 1 to 3 hours of your time. For preparation, we need about 10-20 minutes. Climbing to the altitude of your tandem skydiving jump takes about 20 minutes. Free fall lasts around 50-55 seconds, while flight under canopy (parachute) lasts around 3 to 5 minutes. Along with this, taking your gear off and receiving your certificate after your tandem parachute jump takes several minutes as well.

Booking and payment

Do you organize transport to the airport?

Yes, CONTACT us and we will organize transportation for you. Our transport prices are popular and differ depending on where you need transportation from.

How do I book my tandem jump?

By phone, Viber or WhatsApp at +385 99 44 33 226, my Book now page or emails:,,

Can two of us do a tandem skydiving jump at the same time?

Yes you can, but you have to let us know in advance.

What are the weight and height restrictions for a tandem skydiving jump?

All parachute gear for tandem skydiving is tested and certified for weights and speeds that far exceed those during a typical tandem jump. Naturally, we always strive to stay far away from those limits. Your weight will not be a problem, however, let us know if you are near or exceed 91 kg. At heavier weights we need to be more careful about wind conditions. Likewise, height generally isn’t an issue, but let us know if you are shorter than 1.4 m or higher than 1.9 m 🙂

How much in advance should I book my tandem parachute jump?

Please make your reservation at least a couple days ahead of time. Sometimes during the Summer we can be busy and you might have wait a little for an available slot. If you would like to jump on a particular date, let us know as soon as you can so we can check if we have an available slot.

What if I'm under 18 years old?

You can do a tandem parachute jump from the age of 14, but with a signed statement of consent from your parents or guardians, and one of them must be present at the airport.

How can I pay?

With cash, there are no ATMs at the airport. 

What should I do if the weather is bad?

If it is raining or heavy winds are blowing we might have to cancel your tandem jump. If you’re not sure about the weather forecast for the day of your skydive, contact us. Follow our notifications by e-mail or phone. If it is at all possible to do a tandem jump, we will know for sure. If your jump is canceled due to weather you will receive a new jump date.

Videos and photos

Can we share the video?

Two people can be in the ground footage of one video during the preparation, but during freefall only one person can be filmed.

Can I bring my own camera to my tandem jump?

No, for safety reasons. Tandem skydivers achieve high rates of descent during freefall, over 200 km/h, and any gear flying off can injure the tandem passenger or instructor.

When will I get my photos and video?

In Zagreb and Split you will receive a download link to your photos and video in 6-7 days. On Hvar you will receive a USB stick with your photos and video in 50 minutes.

What are the photo and video resolutions?

The photos are 3840 x 2080 px, the videos are 1920 x 1080 px.

What are the difference between video packages?

You can read all the details at this link! In short, the main differences are: Handycam, a camera on the hand of the instructor and the shortest video with cca. 30 photos. Cameraman, a camera on the helmet of a skydiving cameraman, wide angel and cca. 30 photos. Premium, three cameras, the longest video and cca. 50 photos.