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Book a full-day excursion, a flight from Hvar, Zagreb, Split or Dubrovnik!
Get moving, SATISFY yourself and your loved ones.

Join the club and go on a plane trip!

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Imagination is the limit...

Join the club.

Number of seats in the plane 5 + pilot

If you want to fly by plane, you should join the Tandem aeroclub.
As a VIP member of the club, you have airplanes at your disposal.

Membership in the Tandem Aeroclub is available to everyone.
When you are a member of the aero club, you have all the possibilities that are available to every person in the club.
For this reason, the planes that are in the Tandem Aeroclub are available to all members.

When we organize trips or flights as an aero club, you can and you are welcome.

Up to 5 people + pilot can fly in the plane


Our club will successfully realize your every wish and need. We have built a professional team that meets all requirements! We provide our members with unique and prestigious trips…
When you decide to take a private plane flight, you are entering a world of luxury, comfort and a personalized experience. This form of travel gives you complete freedom to determine your flight schedule, choose your destination and travel with the people you love. Whether it’s a business trip or a family vacation, private air travel offers incredible flexibility and comfort.
One of the most beautiful aspects of a private airplane flight is the sense of freedom you experience as you soar. As you approach the runway, the feeling of excitement grows and then the plane takes off. As you move away from the ground, the view opens up to the endless horizon and the beautiful landscape below you. Looking out the plane window, you can see stunning natural beauty, mountains, islands, cities and clouds that look like cotton pillows.

Unavailable destinations

In today’s world of fast-paced life, over time it becomes more and more important to find moments to relax, enjoy and renew your energy. With all the advanced technologies that make traveling easier for us, a private plane flight offers a unique opportunity to relieve stress and enjoy the incredible experience of flying above the clouds. It is an opportunity to create incredible memories and experience the most beautiful moments of life.
Through this unique travel opportunity, you can create incredible memories that will last forever. Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation or celebrating special moments in life, a private jet flight gives you the platform to make those dreams come true. Enjoy the flight, explore new destinations and experience the most beautiful moments that will remain etched in your memory forever.
The advantage of a private plane flight is the ability to reach destinations that are not easily accessible by regular commercial flights. You can explore remote and undiscovered locations that are rarely visited, as well as private islands or mountain retreats that are hidden from the crowds. This allows you to experience the authenticity and incredible beauty of places that are off the usual tourist routes.


Our service extends outside of the airport perimeter. To connect you with your flight, we can happily arrange a limousine.

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the alps

Krka river


Your safety is the most important thing to us. 

As your partner, we are committed every step of the way, servicing you with in-house expertise and experience.

Participants must be aged over 3 years. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult. The maximum weight limit per person is 115 kg.
We reserve the right to refuse any passenger from boarding the aircraft for any of the following reasons:
– late arrival at our terminal
– failure to provide suitable photo ID (photo ID or passport required)
– intoxication (being drunk or under the influence of drugs)
– threatening or abusive behaviour towards our staff or any other passenger
– any other behaviour that may compromise the safety of any passengers on-board
If you are refused access to the flight, you will not be entitled to a refund.
Please note that participants who are pregnant, suffer from epilepsy, have limited mobility or any heart conditions may be prevented from flying. If unsure, please check with your doctor.

Usually small bags will be allowed but check with your pilot if you intend to bring a big suitcase.

We can arrange everything.

For safety of all of our participants, the experience may be cancelled in poor weather conditions. If this does occur, you will be offered an alternative date.

Send us a message with a contact form.

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Podijeljeni letovi koje obavljaju privatne osobe potpadaju pod Europsku uredbu (EU) br. 379/2014 od 7. travnja 2014. kojom se izmjenjuje Uredba Komisije (EU) br. 965/2012. Letove mogu legalno podijeliti fizičke osobe na nekompleksnim zrakoplovima i helikopterima, u skladu s pravilima dijela NCO, pod uvjetom da izravne troškove dijele svi putnici u zrakoplovu, uključujući pilota, dok broj broj osoba koje dijele izravni trošak ograničen je na 6