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The airport was built in 1931 and christened “Airbase Sinj – Split Airport”. Sinj Airport connected the cities of Zagreb and Dubrovnik, and passengers were driven by bus to Split.

Air traffic used the airport until 1964, when the airport in Resnik was built. Throughout its history, the airport in Sinj was used by the armies of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Germany and Italy. At the end of the war, buildings, including a control tower were built.

Sinj Sports Airport is located on 38 ha of grassy terrain in the area of Glavica. It is located only 3 kilometers from the center of Sinj, and about 30 kilometers from the center of Split. Glider pilots, skydivers, modelers and airplane pilots are active at the airport. The clubs AK Split, AK sinj and PK Graviton are active at the airport. Every year, Aeroklub Sinj organizes the Alkar Parachuting Cup in the month of August. Sinj airport has a runway bearing 080-260, it is 1122 meters long and 60 meters wide. The airport itself has a maximum length of 1350 meters and a width of 360 meters. It’s an xceptionally large airport which can satisfy all of the requirements for comfortable training of parachutists.

As the largest center for tourism in the Adriatic and with an excellent climate, Split is an excellent place to perform a parachute jump. While temperatures fall in the rest of the country, parachuting activities can still take place here.

The Roman Emperor Diocletian decided to build a palace on a peninsula near the large Roman city of Salona. Throughout 1,700 years, the palace gradually became a city with a rich tradition, history and natural and cultural heritage. Diocletian’s Palace and the historical core of Split have been on UNESCO’s world heritage list since 1979, not only because of the exception conservation of the Palace, but because the Palace and its city still share a life with each other. All of the historical layers are still alive and in use, from Ancient Rome, through the Middle Ages to modern times. You can travel through time by examining the ancient town, viewing examples of ancient architecture such as the Peristil, gothic palaces, medieval Romanesque churches and the renaissance portals of houses of noblemen with the presence of baroque facades, up to modern architecture that has molded with the heritage. Even today there is a mixing of layers in the fact that local inhabitants walk the same streets, visit the same restaurants and shop alongside tourists, giving them the impression that the tourists have become a integral part of the city.

Split is the largest city in Dalmatia, and the second most populous city in Croatia, with almost 180 thousand inhabitants. The freight port in Split is the second largest freight port in Croatia, and one of the leading passenger ports in the Mediterranean. The city of Split is the center of the Split-Dalmatia County. Its located in Dalmatia, on the Adriatic coast, on the Marjan peninsula. It’s surrounded by the sea on three sides. To the north lie the mountains Mosor and Kozjak, as well as the hill of Marjan. In the sea, Split is surrounded by the islands of Brač, Hvar, Šolta and Čiovo. Split has a Mediterranean climate, hot summers and chilly, but temperate and moist winters. Split is much more than majestic architecture and a geographical location. In Split you can enjoy excellent cuisine and wines, numerous cultural events and a city offering the entertainment of many clubs and bars, as well as street events and festivals such as Ultra Europe.
Marjan, the hill that forms a symbol above the city, offers ideal conditions for sport, with its forest, running, hiking, bicycle and recreational paths. Only a few cities of its size in the world can boast a tradition of sports such as the one Split has, with dozens of winners of Olympic and other medals. The city has beaches that are crystal clear, which is a rarity for cities the size of Zsplit. At the end, you shouldn’t be surprised that Split’s residents love their city the most.



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